How to Get Best Haircut for Round Faces

How to Get Best Haircut for Round Faces

Choosing a haircut for any woman can be quite a challenge more so if you are changing your stylist. If you have a round face ease up as these tips will assist you to select the best haircut for you.

Confirm your face shape as round

We mostly trust our stylist to tell us the shape of our face. If you have never checked it yourself, it is time to determine if your face shape is really round.

Find out which part of your face is widest; the cheekbones are normally widest for a round face

  • Jaw shape of a round face will seem more round and the length of your face will be similar to the width.
  • The general length of the face for a round face is short.
  • The sides of your face will be slightly curved inwards.
  • You may notice that you have wider hairlines, less pronounced chins and your necks will appear short.

Your Taste and Preference

Decide what exactly you want to look like when your haircut is ready. Determining if you want a short medium or long haircut will help you choose the best. Knowing and being sure if you want to go with your natural hair or you want to manipulate your natural hair to fit a style you are eyeing is a step closer to getting the best. Consider whether you want a low maintenance or high maintenance haircut with your round face.

List Popular Haircuts

Research from other stylist and hairstyle sites for popular haircuts that fit your tastes and preferences. Ensure you check how well these haircuts suit round faces. If possible try to stay within haircuts that have been previously used by women with round faces. You can also check out what for celebrities and peers with round faces are choosing. Enquire from your stylist about haircuts that have looked great on previous clients with round faces.

  • These are some of the hot hairstyles popular for round faces:
  • Straight short bob;
  • Medium length smooth curls;
  • Curly side drop updo;
  • Shoulder length sleek middle part;
  • Pinned back short waves;
  • Sidecut pixie;
  • A blunt bob;
  • Asymmetrical bob.

A great haircut is a key to the confidence of a woman. Selecting a great short haircut that fits your face will give you more faith in your appearance and courage as you stand from the stylist’s seat. The most important thing is striking a balance between your haircut and your round face for the best appearance.

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