Ten Easy Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Ten Easy Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Round faces to most women are a blessing and although most of the short hairstyles will fit in perfect, women still need to make careful considerations. Short hairstyles have become popular, trendy and very fashionable lately being owned up by many celebrities. There are many but here we look at a few hairstyles for women with round faces.

Back View Pixie

This hairstyle is very short at the back and tapered into the neck. It has various layers cut all the way to the top and sides to create a balance that makes your round face great.

Asymmetrical short hair bob

This bob is short and inverted inwards on one side and long on the other side. The bang is also asymmetrical from the short side towards the long. It gives your round face a spherical smooth look.

Short Shaggy Bob

The sides and back are of the same excellent cut blending into the top layers jagged cut to create height and texture. It is side-parted and has a shaggy look suitable for casual beauty and simplicity.

Front Slide Pixie Haircut

This is an incorporation of medium and short haircut. It is a pixie that has a very short haircut on the back and side. The top is cut medium length and combed to the side to give an illusion of a sliding bang.

Short Hair with Long Bangs

This is a low maintenance haircut that has long bangs that can be swept to the side. It is a short layered haircut with the back layers being cut short to barely touch the neck.

Side Swept Wavy Bob

This haircut barely touches the neck and is side swept with beautiful waves that give you flirty bends. It is a great haircut for naturally wavy hair and it gets an extra charm when one side is tucked behind the ear.

Curly Top Volume Pixie

This haircut is perfect for ladies with naturally curly hair and brings out the best in round faces. It is tapered to the sides and back and cut length to the top. It has no particular styling but rather lets the curly hair take its natural form.

Short Bob with Highlights

It has a soft side part with hair cut shorter on the side with the part and tucked behind the ear. The other side is longer and soft highlights add the extra glow and the back is cut really short.

Cropped hair

This is a uniform short haircut for the entire head. It is popular for ladies who want to get that slim face illusion.

Feathered and Free

It is short on the back and longer on top with soft layers. These soft layers give a feathered and free look on the hair.

These haircuts suit many features such as:

  • Either colored or brown eyes;
  • All colors of skin tone as long as hair color is well selected;
  • Casual or executive occasions.

A woman can feel great in any of these haircuts and their nature allows them to utilize their round face for an amazing look. You can find many more hairstyles as long as you have the right link to sites that focus on women hairstyles.

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